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How to Accept Online Reservations at your Campground

July 30, 2019
Bradly Adams
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The majority of travelers currently book their reservations online. Of those reservations, travelers most often reserve on the properties website. What does this mean? Simply put, if your property does not accept online reservations, you are missing out. How many travelers drive right past your property because the traveler booked online through a competitor down the road?

In an age where information travels so freely, campgrounds and RV Parks tend to remain in the stone age. Online 'reservation request' forms can be filled out, but guests want answers now. Do you have any open spaces or not?

When a guest can confirm availability at your property, do they wait to pay once they arrive? If so, what is stopping them from pulling into another campground? That's right, nothing.

The beauty of booking online

If the guest can go ahead and make a reservation online, chances are they will. This gives them a sense of security knowing they have a place to rest for the night. They will not have to worry about getting to their planned stopping point only to find there are no more open spaces.

Online reservations also benefit you, as you can collect a deposit to prevent no-shows. The guest feels good knowing the space is reserved for them, and you feel good knowing you have already collected payment before the guest even arrives.

Accepting Online Reservations is Easy

Most campground owners probably start sweating at the thought of implementing a complicated reservation system. Do not sweat it though, adding a reservation system can be done in minutes!

Firefly Reservations is a campground reservation management system that allows you to accept online reservations with very little effort. You can also manage reservations, process payments, schedule future and recurring payments, and have automated emails sent to your guests. They offer a guest portal as well to serve your guests while the office is closed.

Once you create an account (a 30 day free trial is available), you will add your units. If you have many similar units, you can create 1 unit, and clone that unit multiple times to quickly set your inventory of units. Be sure and set your rates for the units.

Once your units have been added, you can visit your custom reservation portal. Your branded reservation portal will have your property information and property logo at the top as you set in the property settings page. To view your URL, go to the 'Reservations' tab on the property settings page when logged into your Firefly account.

To accept reservations from your existing website, just add a simple button that directs the user to this URL. Adding a button is easy in your website editor, as you simply need to select the destination URL when the user clicks the button.

That is all there is to it! Guests that visit your website will now be able to be directed to your customized reservation portal to book their space at your RV Park.

Accepting credit card payments through Firefly is easy as well, as just need to set up an account with Stripe. On the property settings page, just click the 'Connect to Stripe' button on the payments tab. This will redirect to you a Stripe page where you will enter your business information as well as your business bank account so you funds can be deposited.