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Setting up POS Regsiter Direct Print

Receipts can be printed to a regular printer when using the POS register. However, this requires a few extra clicks as you would need to select the printer, click ok, etc.

Direct printing allows receipts to be printed with no other input as soon as Print Receipt is clicked. To enable direct printing, you must have a STAR brand printer with WebPrint capabilities. A great printer we recommend is the mC-Print3. Follow the steps below to set up your printer.

Open Printer Settings

Print settings
Click Printer Settings to open the printer settings

Update Printer Settings

Printer settings dialog
Click Enable START WebPrint and enter printer IP address

First, click Enable STAR WebPrint to enable direct print functionality. Next, you will need to make sure you printer is connect to the network via an ethernet network cable. The printer should be plugged in to your router.

Setting up POS Regsiter Direct Print 1
Printer setup diagram

Once the printer is connected to the network, follow the instructions that came with your printer to acquire the IP address of your printer. Usually, you will turn off the printer, then hold down the paper feed button while turning the printer back on. This will print out the printer specs including the IP address. The IP address will be in the format similar to this:

Once you know the IP address, enter the IP address in the IP Address textbox on the printer settings form.

Set the correct width paper, and the click Save.

Now you can test the printer settings. Click Print Receipt and the printer should immediately print out a receipt.

Note: When you click Printer, a new tab will open with a preview of the receipt and a print status log while the receipt prints. If your browser prompts you that a pop-up was blocked, you must tell the browser to allow pop-ups before you will be able to print.

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