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Using the Point-of-sale Register

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Using the Point-of-sale Register

The point-of-sale (POS) feature allows you to quickly process a transaction at your campground store. POS transactions are not tied to a guest, as they are meant to be a quick way to exchange payment for goods using a digital cash register.

POS Items

Before you can use the POS Register, you must add POS items. Click POS Items from the menu under the Point of Sale section.

Click New Item to begin adding a new item. Enter all the item details in the dialog that displays, and select Save.

Add a new POS item in order to use the POS register
Add a new POS item in order to use the POS register

Once all POS items have been added, you are ready to use the register.

POS Register

To open the register, select POS Register from the main menu under the Point of Sale section. If you have a barcode scanner plugged into your computer, you can scan the barcode of your product now. If not, enter the UPC using the keyboard, and push enter to add the item to the transaction.

Point of sale transaction in progress
Point of Sale Transaction in progress

If the product is missing a barcode, you can use the search button to find the item by description. Click the blue search button (with a magnifying glass icon), enter at least part of the description, and click the search button.

Search for Point of Sale item by text
Search for a POS item by text

You can edit an item's quantity or price by clicking the item. Update they quantity or price and click save. The new amount will be reflected in the total.

Update point of sale transaction item quantity or price
Update item quantity or price

When all items are added to the transaction, click Add Payment to add a payment and complete the transaction.

Add a payment to point of sale transaction
Add a payment to point of sale transaction

Select the payment method and enter an amount, and click Save to complete payment.

Once all payments are added and the balance due is 0, you can click Print Receipt to print a receipt.

Using the Point-of-sale Register 1
Click Print Receipt to display and print the receipt

You will then see a preview of the receipt in a new browser window. Use the browsers print functionality to print the receipt.

Example of a point of sale printed receipt
Example of the printed receipt

The default receipt width is 3 inches, which will fit most standard receipt printers. To customize the receipt width, go to property settings, select the POS tab, and update the receipt width.

Update Point of Sale receipt width in property settings
Update POS receipt width in property settings

Point of Sale Transactions

To view a list of POS transactions, select the POS Transactions menu option from the Point of Sale section of the main menu. You will see both completed and pending transactions. Click on a transaction to go to the POS Register and view that transaction.

View all Point of Sale Transactions
Point of Sale Transactions