Accepting Online Reservations From Your Existing Website

Keep your existing website

Adding the ability to accept reservations online is much easier than you'd think. You simply need to add a 'Book Now' button that redirects your potential guests to your Firefly reservation portal. If you log in to your Firefly account, navigate to Settings Property, and click on the Reservations tab. You will see your personal reservation portal URL that you can direct all guests to to make a reservation.

CS-Firefly-KB-reservation-portal-link-3View your reservation portal link in your property settings

On your existing website, just create a button or a link that directs guests to this URL.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reserve-now-buttonA simple button can be added to your existing website to send users to your branded reservation portal

Custom URL Parameters

You can optionally add URL parameters to your reservation portal URL in order to prefill some search fields on the reservation portal. For example, if you add a 'Book Now' button to a page on your website that is for your cabins, you can add the UnitType parameter to the URL so when the guest clicks the button, the Lodging unit type dropdown will already be selected when the reservation portal loads.


Here are the available parameter names and acceptable values:

UnitType - Accepted values: RV (Rv site), RVT (RV/Tent site), T (tent site), L (lodging), V (venue), S (storage), BS (boat slip), O (other)
ReservationType S (Standard), O (ongoing)
ArrivalDate - Any valid date that is greater than or equal to today and less than the max search date. Use format yyyy-MM-dd, such as 2021-11-31.
DepartureDate - Any valid date that is greater than the arrival date and less than or equal to the max search date. Use format yyyy-MM-dd, such as 2021-11-31.
Adults - Any valid integer greater than 0.
Children- Any valid integer greater than 0.
Pets- Any valid integer greater than 0.


To add a parameter to a URL, use the following format: "&ParameterName=Value". So for example, to specify the unit type in the url, you would add "&UnitType=L" to the end of your reservation portal URL. Do not include spaces, be sure to include the ampersand (&) sign at the beginning and the equals sign between the parameter name and value. You can add as many parameters as you would like. Your full reservation portal URL should look something like this if you include multiple parameters:

Using the reservation portal

Guests can use your branded reservation portal to search for available units and to make a reservation. Learn more about the reservation portal in this article.