Charge POS Transaction to a Guest (No reservation)

Not only can you charge a POS transaction to a current guest's reservation, but you can also charge a POS transaction to a guest that does not have a reservation. This may be useful if you allow local area residents to purchase items at your store and just charge it to their account for example. This feature would be used if the guest does not currently have a reservation.

Charge the transaction to a guest

First, ring up a transaction on the POS register like normal. Then, rather than adding a payment, you can click the Other Options button and then click Charge to Guest (No Reservation).

                              Charge POS transaction to a guest with no reservation

Next, you will need to either search for an existing guest or create a new guest.

CS-Firefly-KB-POS-charge-to-guest-select-guest            Select an existing guest or create a new guest to charge the transaction to

You will then need to select a due date for when the payment is due.

CS-Firefly-KB-POS-charge-to-guest-save-options Select a payment due date for the charged transaction

That is it! The transaction is charged to the guest and you will see the charged guest listed in the transaction overview pane.

POS transaction that is charged to a guest

You can click on Unlink Guest to cancel the charge to the guest, or you can click on the guests name to show all transactions charged to that guest.

CS-Firefly-KB-Guest-Charged-POS-TransactionsPOS Transactions charged to a guest

You can click on a transaction to view that transaction on the register and make a payment for that transaction. You can also click the Pay All button to pay all unpaid transactions at once.

CS-Firefly-KB-POS-Add-transactions-paymentPayment multiple POS transactions at once

You can view all recent transactions by clicking on POS Transactions from the Point-of-Sale section of the main menu. You will see any transaction charged to a reservation with a little camper icon and any transaction charged to a guest with a little person icon. The payment status will also be displayed so you can easily see any transactions that are unpaid.

CS-Firefly-KB-POS-Transactions-chargedPOS transactions charged to guests and reservations