Clone a Unit

Since most properties usually consist of many similar if not identical units, it can save a lot of time to clone units. When first adding your units while setting up your property, it is easiest to create 1 unit and set up the description, occupancy, rates, taxes, photos, etc, and then clone that unit many times.

For example, if you have 10 standard RV spaces, and 5 deluxe RV spaces, you can start by creating and setting up 1 standard RV space unit. Once everything is set up (instructions on setting up a unit here), click the Options button on the top right to view the options menu.

CS-Firefly-KB-Unit-Options-2-1024x159-1Unit options menu

Click Clone Unit to open the dialog asking how many times you want to clone the unit.

CS-Firefly-KB-Unit-Clone-1Enter the number of times you want to clone the unit

In our example, we can enter '9' to clone the current unit 9 times. Click Clone and the cloning process will start. This may take a moment if you have photos added to your original unit. Once the cloning is complete, you can click Return to Units to return to the list of all units.

You will now see 9 new units named "Standard RV Space (Copy 1)" and so on. You can click on each new unit to update the name and set the appropriate unit number if applicable, or use the much faster arrange units feature which allows you to quickly update the name, number, and display order of all your units on one screen.

If you make a change to one unit that you want to take effect in all units, just use the import/export unit data feature.

That is it! All the new units will have the photos, rates, occupancy, etc of the original unit.