Configuring Automated Emails

Here at Firefly, we are big fans of automation. Automated emails means you are keeping in constant contact with your guests without having to remember to do so. Whether it's reminding your guest of an upcoming payment, or thanking them for visiting your property and asking for feedback, guests greatly appreciate hearing from you but it can take a great deal of time and effort to send these notices manually.

Available Automated Emails

The following automated emails are available and the subject and content all all fully customizable:

  • New Charge Notification - Sent to guest when a new charge is available
  • Overdue Charge Notification - Sent to guest when a charge is overdue
  • Expiring Credit Card - Sent to guest when their credit card on file is about to expire
  • Payment Failure - Sent to guest when a scheduled payment has permanently failed
  • Payment Refund - Sent to guest after a payment has been refunded
  • Payment Retry Notification - Sent to guest when a scheduled payment has failed but will be retried
  • Payment Success - Payment receipt sent to guest after a successful payment
  • Upcoming Payment Notification - Sent to guest to notify of an upcoming scheduled payment
  • New Past Reservation - Sent to guest who pays for a past stay from the kiosk
  • New Reservation - Sent to guest after a new reservation is made
  • New Reservation Notification - Sent to admin users to alert of a new reservation
  • Reservation Canceled - Sent to guest when a reservation is canceled
  • Reservation Follow Up - Sent to guest after their reservation has concluded
  • Upcoming Reservation - Sent to guest right before they begin their stay

Customizing Emails

CS-Firefly-KB-Settings-Email-Template-1024x692Email templates can be completely customized

The contents of all emails can be customized. Both the subject and the body of the email can be edited and can include placeholder variables that will be custom to the reservation. The text editor gives you full control of the contents as well as the style and layout of the email contents. All emails will be professionally styled and will include the logo of your property.

CS-Firefly-KB-Expiring-CC-Email-e1559161804807Example of an email with the property logo