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Lock Fees

Did you know increasing your campground's revenue is only a few clicks away?

With Lock fees, guests that make a reservation from the reservation portal have the opportunity to pay an extra fee to lock that particular site. If they choose not to lock that site, they risk getting moved to a similar site.


To set up lock fees, go to Settings > Units and select a unit you want to enable lock fees for.

On the General tab, scroll to the bottom and enter the desired lock fee amount in the Lock Fee textbox.

Lock Fees 1
Enter desired lock fee amount on the unit settings

Click Save to save your changes. If you want to update other units with the same lock fee, use the Import/Export Unit Settings feature.

Collecting the Lock Fee

Now that you have your units set up, you are ready to collect lock fees.

When a guest is making a reservation from the reservation portal, they will see a lock fee page if they have selected a unit that has a lock fee.

Reservation Portal - Lock Unit
Guests can choose to Lock their selected unit

The lock fee will be added to their reservation, and the guest will continue to the add-ons or policy page.

Any reservation that has been locked will have a lock icon to distinguish it on the reservation grid as well as the reservation details.

Reservation Grid - Locked Unit
The green Lock icon distinguishes which reservations have been locked
Lock Fees 3
The green Lock will appear in the reservation detail to indicate the unit has been locked


The Lock Fees report will be useful to learn how much revenue has increased with lock fees.

Navigate to Reports > Lock Fees to view the lock fees report. Select the date range you want to see the fees for, and click Run.

Reports - Lock Fees
Run the Lock Fee report to view total lock fees collected

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