New Map Image Creation Services

Have a 2D or 3D park property or campground map created by Map Squad

Map Squad Services
• Will create 2 types of maps: 2D and 3D.
o 2D maps are a flat overhead view.
o 3D maps are bird’s eye view, more detailed with hand-drawn style 
o Samples are on our website
• The map cost is a one-time fee and once we design the map you own it.
• Will provide both a web-ready version and a print-ready version of the completed 
• In the future if you have changes or updates just reach out and we can modify it 
at a flat hourly rate.
• Will also offer full service graphic design – creation of brochures, rack cards, 
logos and printing services.
• The Map Squad has been offering unique map designs and topnotch customer 
service for over 15 years.
Price includes a map with the following:
• Full-color 8.5 x 11 map
• Sites colored and numbered.
• Legend depicting types of sites & amenities.
• Guest amenities labeled.
• Roads, directional arrows, entrance, exit and MPH sign.
• Information box for site#, restroom code, WIFI.
• Standard icons for cabins and tents.
What we need to get started:
• Current map or property reference to assist with the layout.
• Name of park, address, website and contact information.
• List of changes needed. You can email or text us a copy of your map with 
mark ups and changes.
• List of amenities to highlight.
• Site descriptions.
• High quality logo if you would like it on your map

How it works:
1. The designer will complete an initial basic layout with roads and sites. A proof is 
emailed to the customer to approve or mark with changes. 
2. Designers then add details including buildings, amenities, symbols and a legend. 
We email another proof to the customer for approval.
3. The customer proofs the map every step of the way and can provide comments, 
additions and changes. Customers mark the map with changes and email us or 
simply text a photo of the changes.
4. Finally, will add trees and vegetation to represent your area. Designers do not 
place trees in specific spots nor represent specific tree species. Vegetation is 
placed in the general area.
5. The designer will continue to make changes and will email back and forth for 
approval. Typically, it takes 4-6 proofs to get a map that best represents the 
property. We offer up to 10 proofs within the design process.
6. Once we receive final approval from the customer, we provide both a print-ready 
version and a web-ready version to use on your website or within your
reservation software.
7. The process typically takes about 2 to 4 weeks to complete depending on the 
speed of the customer’s response to each email proof.
8. In addition, can set up your rules and regulations on the back of the map for 
printing. Will charge a flat hourly design rate for the set up and layout. We can 
also offer quotes on printing your maps.

3D Wind-Point-Park


2D Wildwood-Naturist-Web(1)

2D Mecosta-Pines-Campground-Web

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