Multi-Factor Authentication Set Up Guide

How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Setting up Multi Factor Authentication 

1. Log into your Firefly Account ( 

2. Using the left menu, click on the Settings drop down --> Click Users

3. Click on the User 

4. Under, Two Factor Authentication click "Profile"

KB Video - User Profile

5. Click Setup Authenticator 

Note: Only the user signed in can set this up. If the user selected is a different user from the one signed in, the message "Two-factor authentication can only be set up here after logging in under this specific user's account."  

6. Click Setup Authenticator

7. On your mobile device, Download one of the supported Multi-Factor-Authentication listed below. To see the list, click the dropdown next to your device type (Android or Apple (IOS)), or review the screenshot below:

8. Open the Authenticator App on your mobile device

9. Add New Code - Depending on which app, it will ask if you want to scan a QR code, or manually enter the code

10. Next, use the newly generated code and enter it into the field below the QR Code in Firefly

11. Click Validate Code

12. Now under the profile, Two Factor Authentication shows as Enabled