Quickly update name, number, and order of units

When first adding new units, especially after cloning a unit many times, you will find that you have many identical units. With all the units having the same number, you will need to update each unit to give it a unique number, and you may even want to give each a unique name.

The arrange units feature allows you to quickly update all of your units numbers and names, and to arrange the units in the order you wish.

Arrange Units

Navigate to the Units page, and click on Arrange Units in the top menu.

Open the Arrange Units page from the Units page

The arrange units page is displayed. Drag and drop the 3 vertical bars next to the unit number to reorder the units. You can update the unit number and name as well.

CS-Firefly-KB-Settings-Arrange-UnitsQuick order units and update name + number

Once the order, unit numbers, and unit names are as desired, click Save. The order you set the units is the same order the units will appear on the reservation grid and the units page.