Reservation Add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to increase revenue for your property. You can add an add-on to a reservation from the back end or you have the option of making an add-on available from the reservation portal.

Add-ons can be one of 3 types:
Sale - This is for physical products that you sell from inventory such as a bundle of firewood or a smores kit
Rental - This is for physical products that your guests can rent, such as Golf carts or storage units.
Other - This is for fees or other charges that are not a physical product.

Creating a New Add-on

To create a new add-on, navigate to Settings > Add-ons to view your addons. Click New Add-on.

Click New Add-on to create a new add-on

This will open a dialog where you can select the details of the add-on. Select the appropriate add-on type, give it a description, select taxes if needed, and enter the price or rental rates. If you check the Available on reservation portal checkbox, guests will have the option of adding this add-on to their reservation while they are booking their reservation.

When adding a new Rental add-on, you will enter a daily, weekly, and monthly rate as well as the qty of the item you have available to rent as shown below.

CS-Firefly-KB-Addons-New-Rental-AddonCreate a new rental add-on

Creating a Sale add-on is very similar. However, instead of rental rates, you will simply enter a price. You can choose if you want to track the quantity available. If you check this checkbox, guests will not be able to purchase more than the quantity currently available. With each purchase, this quantity will be decreased by the amount purchased. If you un-check this checkbox, guests will be able to purchase any number of this add-on.

CS-Firefly-KB-Addons-New-sale-addonCreating a new sale add-on

Any add-on with a type of Other should be a non physical item, such as a fee or charge and therefor you do not have the option of tracking a quantity available.

Adding an Add-on from the Reservation Portal

When a guest makes a reservation, they will have the opportunity to add any add-on to their reservation that you have made available to the reservation portal.

After the guest has selected a unit on the reservation portal and clicked Continue, they will be displayed the available add-ons page if your property has any add-ons available to the reservation portal. If there are no add-ons available, this page will not be displayed.

CS-Firefly-KB-Addons-Reservation-PortalGuests can select available add-ons from the reservation portal

If a guest selects a Rental add-on, they will select the rental date range. If they want to rent the add-on indefinitely and pay monthly, they can check the Rent this add-on log term (pay monthly) checkbox and the guest will only need to select a start date.

Manage a Reservations Add-ons

If you want to manage a reservation's add-ons, simply navigate to the reservation detail page, and select the Add-ons tab.

CS-Firefly-KB-Addons-Reservation-Detail-1View and manage a reservation's add-ons

You will see all the current add-ons for a reservation. You can add another add-on by clicking the Add Add-on button on the top right, or you can edit/remove an existing add-on by selecting the appropriate option from the list of available options.


When a new add-on is added to a reservation, a new charge will be added as well. If you navigate to the Charges tab of the reservation detail page, you will see a new charge automatically created for each new add-on. If an add-on is updated, you may see an add-on adjustment charge automatically created. You can modify or remove these charges as needed.

Charges created from new add-ons

Add-on Grid

If you have rental add-ons, chances are you will want to see a snapshot of all the reservations for a given add-on. Under Reservations, click Add-on Grid to view exactly that. Select the desired add-on from the dropdown, and you will see all current reservations for that add-on for the selected date range. You can updated the visible date range by clicking either View more button, or by selecting a new date range from the calendar.

CS-Firefly-KB-Addons-addon-grid-1Use the add-on grid to view add-on reservations for a time period

Each guest will have a different color. Hover over a color to see the guest and reservation info, and click the color to go to that reservation to view or manage their add-ons.