Track Reservation Vehicles

If you want to keep track of individual vehicles for each reservation, you can easily do so with Firefly.


First, you will need to update your settings to tell Firefly you want to ask guests how many vehicles they have. Go to Settings Property, and on the Reservations tab, check the Ask for number of vehicles checkbox.

CS-Firefly-KB-Settings-Ask-for-number-of-vehiclesUpdate settings to ask guest for number of vehicles

Click Save to save your property settings.

Next, go to Settings > Units and select a unit. On the General tab of that unit, you can specify the maximum number of vehicles allowed for that unit.

CS-Firefly-KB-Unit-Max-vehiclesMax vehicle settings for a unit

Adjust the max vehicle count if desired and click Save to save the max vehicle count. You can export these settings to your other units by using the export tool.

You are not all set and ready to collect vehicle information!

Reservation Portal

The reservation portal will not display a place where the guest can indicate the number of vehicles they will have for the unit they are searching for.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Portal-Vehicle-countVehicle count on the reservation portal

When the guest click Search Availability, all available units will be displayed. Any units that do not allow the number of vehicles indicated will be displayed as unavailable due to vehicle count exceeding capacity.

When the guest adds an available unit to their cart and clicks Next, they will then see a page where they can add details about their vehicles if they selected 1 or more vehicles. The guest can enter the vehicle make, model, color, and license plate number.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Portal-Vehicle-infoAdd vehicle information on reservation portal

Reservation Detail

Once a guest makes a reservation as shown above with vehicle information, you will then see this information on the Units tab of their reservation. Both the number of vehicles and the vehicle description will be displayed for each unit.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Detail-Vehicle-infoVehicle information in the reservation detail

If you want to update the vehicle description or add/remove vehicles, click the Options menu for that unit and select Edit Vehicles.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Detail-Update-vehicles-buttonUpdate unit vehicles

You will then be able to click Add Vehicle to add a new vehicle or click the red x next to the vehicle you want to remove. You can also edit any details for any existing vehicles.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Detail-Update-vehiclesUpdate vehicles for a reservation unit

If you have elected to charge extra for vehicles on your rates (set an amount for each extra vehicle on unit rates), you can check the Recalculate charges checkbox to have Firefly recalculate reservation charges in the event the guest needs to pay extra for a newly added vehicle for example.

If you have created a required add-on for a unit where the qty of the add-on is increased by the number of vehicles, you can check the Update required add-ons checkbox to have the system evaluate all reservation add-ons to determine if the quantity of any existing add-ons needs adjusted.

Click Save to save the vehicle info and you will be returned to the reservation where the updated vehicle info should now be displayed.