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Using the Guest Waitlist

If you property is high in demand, the guest waitlist will be extremely helpful to help you keep track of all the guests who would love to make a reservation but have been unable to due to limited availability.

You can add a guest to the waitlist manually from the back end, or a guest can even join the waitlist themselves from the reservation portal after discovering you do not have any available units.

Adding a guest to the waitlist

To add a guest to the waitlist, click Waitlist found under the Reservations section of the main menu. This will display all current waitlist guests which you can filter by name, dates, unit type, etc.

To add a new waitlist guest, click the Add new guest to waitlist button.

CS-Firefly-KB-Waitlist-New-waitlist-guest-button-768x203Add a new guest to the waitlist

Next fill out all the required reservation details, and select an existing/add a new guest.

CS-Firefly-KB-Waitlist-new-waitlist-guest-from-back-endAdd a guest to the waitlist from the back end

You can specify arrival and departure date ranges, in case a guest is flexible when that can arrive and depart. You can set an expiration date to indicate when the guest no longer would want a reservation once that date has passed.

Finally, indicate if the guest should receive a notification email before clicking Save.

If you indicate if the guest should receive an email, they will receive an email based on the New Waitlist Notification email template.

CS-Firefly-KB-Email-New-waitlist-notification-1024x438New waitlist notification email the guest will receive

Allow guests to join the waitlist

Guests can also join the waitlist from the reservation portal. First, you will need to enable this feature however. In your Property settings on the Reservations tab, enable the Allow guests to join the Waitlist & Show occupied units with availability calendar checkbox and click Save.

Screenshot 2023-03-31 151214
Enable guests to join the waitlist from the reservation portal

Once the waitlist has been enabled on the reservation portal, guests will see a 'Join Waitlist' link on occupied units.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-portal-join-waitlist-buttonGuests can click Join Waitlist to join the waitlist

They can then fill out the waitlist form. The form will be prefilled with the search parameters they entered when they searched for an available unit.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Portal-Join-waitlist-1024x837Guests can join the waitlist from the reservation portal

Viewing and searching waitlist guests

When you have a unit that become available, you will want to search your waitlist to notify a guest of the newly available unit. You can search by reservation type, date range, unit type, and even guest name if you have a particular guest you are searching for.

CS-Firefly-KB-Waitlist-search-waitlistUse the search fields to find a guest on the waitlist that qualifies for a unit that became available

The date range field will find all guests on the waitlist whose entire arrival and departure ranges fall in the date range you are searching for. For ongoing reservations, just the arrival date range must fall in the date range you are searching for.

Notifying guest of availability

When you want to notify a guest that you now have units available that match their reservation criteria, select the Options menu from the top right of the waitlist guest page, and select Send availability notification.

Click Send availability notification to guest button

This will open the Email guest page, with the Waitlist Notification Template pre loaded. You can make any desired modifications, then click Send to send the email on it's way!

CS-Firefly-KB-Email-Guest-Send-waitlist-availability-notificationSend the waitlist availability notification to a guest