Adding a Credit Card Terminal- BASYS

If you process many in person payments, you may want to purchase a credit card terminal so the guest can tap/swipe/enter the card to process the payment rather than you manually entering the card number.

Follow the guide below to buy and use a credit card terminal.

Buying a card terminal

NOTE: There is a global shortage of terminals due to the worldwide chip shortage, so terminals may not immediately be available through BASYS. Contact your BASYS account representative to check availability.

You must purchase a credit card terminal directly from BASYS and will cost around $300. The terminal will look something like this:

CS-Firefly-KB-BASYS-Terminal-Terminal-settingsBASYS Terminal

The terminal supports all the popular payment methods, including swipe, tap, chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. When BASYS sends you a reader, it will already be connected to your account. If you log in to your BASYS iQPro dashboard, you will see the device listed under Manage > Terminals. Once you have your terminal and see it listed in your account, you are ready to use it in Firefly.

First, it must be powered on and plugged into an ethernet cable so it is connected to the internet. You should see the text POS Online on the screen of the terminal to indicate the terminal is online and ready.

Setting up the Terminal

To use the terminal, First go to Settings Property and click on the Payments tab. Click on Edit next to BASYS:

CS-Firefly-KB-Settings-Edit-BASYS-SettingsEdit BASYS settings

Next, make sure you have entered your Public and Private API keys correctly, selected Live mode, and click Save. You will see a dropdown named Terminal for this device with a list of terminals on your account. Select your terminal and click Save. You must do this on each device! If you have multiple terminals, you can designate which terminal will be the terminal for each device.

CS-Firefly-KB-Settings-BASYS-TerminalSelect your BASYS terminal

Using the Terminal

Now you are ready to use your terminal. Any time you go to add a payment whether it is for a POS sale or a reservation charge, if you select Credit/Debit card as the payment method, you will see Terminal as a process option.

CS-Firefly-KB-Stripe-Terminal-Save-Payment-1Select the Terminal option when paying by Credit/Debit card

When you click Save, the payment amount will be sent to the terminal and you will see a prompt to tap/swipe/enter your card to make a payment. The payment amount will be displayed on the terminal screen as well.

Once the customer swipes their card, Firefly will automatically update to indicate if the payment was successful or not. That is all there is to a terminal!

Basic Card Reader Option

Another option BASYS offers is a very basic card magnetic stripe reader. This is just a basic device that types the card number in for you when you swipe the card. The card reader looks something like this:

CS-Firefly-KB-BASYS-Card-Reader-Terminal-SettingsBasic card reader

These readers can also be purchased from BASYS and usually run around $99. These readers do not require any setup that is mentioned above for the terminal. For this card reader, when you go to add a payment, you will select the 'Enter card manually' option. You will then see the fields where you will enter the card number, expiration date, and zip code. Place your cursor inside the card number field, and swipe the credit card using the basic card reader. You should see the credit card number, expiration date, and zip code populated in the fields. You can then click Save to submit the payment.