Custom Reservation Fees

Firefly allows you set set up custom reservation fees so you can charge your guests a fee for any new reservation created. Setting up a reservation fee allows you to generate more revenue or help cover the costs of the software.

Create a Reservation Fee Rule

To create a new reservation fee rule, navigate to Settings Property, and select the Reservation Fee tab. Click Add Reservation Fee Rule to create a new rule.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 160103Click Add Reservation Fee Rule to create a new reservation fee

Next, you will enter a name for your fee, the amount, and if the amount is a set dollar amount ($) or a percentage (%) of the reservation total. Last, select a reservation source. If you want the fee to be added to the reservation regardless of the source, select ALL. Otherwise, select the source you want this fee to apply to. Click Save when complete.

You can add as many reservation fee rules as you want, however only one fee will be applied per reservation. You can sort the fees to your desired order by dragging the drag handles (3 stacked dots). The topmost rule that is applicable to a reservation will be applied.

CS-Firefly-KB-Settings-Reservation-Fee-Rules-1You can add as many reservation fee rules as you would like. Only the topmost applicable rule will be applied.

For example, in the example above, if you make a reservation from the front desk, a reservation fee of $1.00 will be added because the first fee that was evaluated did not apply.

Applying the Reservation Fee Rule

When creating a reservation from the front desk, you will see a reservation fee line item in the reservation summary if a fee applies.

Reservation Fee in the reservation summary

When a guest makes a reservation from the reservation portal, they will also see a reservation fee line item in the summary if a fee applies to their reservation.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Portal-Reservation-Fee-1Reservation fee line item in reservation portal summary

After a reservation has been made, the reservation fee will display as a regular charge on the Charges tab of a reservation.

Charge created from reservation fee rule

You can manage this charge just like any other charge if you need to refund the payment, customize the charge amount, remove the charge, etc.