Payment Processing Setup

It is important to be able to process credit cards online so you can capture payments at the time a customer is willing to pay. Firefly allows you to collect a deposit amount of your choosing at the time the guest makes a reservation.

Our payment processing partners

Firefly offers three payment processing integrations: BASYSStripe, and BridgePay. To connect to one of these processors, go to Setting -> Property -> Payments & Charges tab.

Our recommended processor is BASYS because of their low rates, exceptional personal service, and payouts as fast as the next business day. Only customers in the USA can currently use BASYS.

Stripe offers very fast setup times and international currency support. You can be connect to Stripe and start processing payments within minutes. Stripes rates can be slightly higher. New Stripe accounts may experience a delay in payouts (14 days or more) temporarily while they monitor the health of your account. However, once you have established a good reputation regarding refunds and chargebacks, they will remove the payout delay.

BridgePay offers competitive rates and quick setups. They offer a variety of Gateway API-Processors and daily payouts. They have very good personal support and account management. Only customers in the USA can currently us BridgePay.

CC setup photoFirefly offers integrations with BASYS, Stripe and BridgePay


To lean more and get started processing payments, follow this guide to setup with BASYS, follow this guide to use Stripe, and follow this guide to setup with BridgePay.