Group Holds

A group hold is a set of units set aside for individuals of a group to reserve at their convenience. The individual booking will then enter the group hold code at the time they are making a reservation in order to view the available units set aside for their group. This is similar to a hotel block


Group holds allow one main organizer and then each guest to manage and pay for their own reservations separately. 

Article Sections:

Creating a Group Hold

Notifying the Organizer of the Group Hold

Making a Reservation using a Group Code

Creating a group hold

  1. Click Reservations on the left menu 
  2. Click Group Holds drop down
  3.  On the group holds page, click New Group Hold in the top right.
  4. When creating a new group hold, the following information needs to be entered:
    1. A unique group hold code - this is the code that the organizer will share with their party to use to book the group held sites
    2. the Expiration Date (note, this cannot be changed later so make sure it is the last day you want a customer, or staff to be able to create a reservation for this specific group)
    3. the guest organizing the group
    4. any coupons you wish to apply for the group
    5. any additional notes you wish to include for your teamCS-Firefly-KB-Group-Hold-New-group-hold-1
  5. Once all required fields have been filled, click Save group hold.
  6. Next, you will add the units to the group: 
    1. Enter the Hold Date Stay dates - this is the full range of the dates the guest is allowed to book within. Their arrival and departure will be within this range.
    2. Enter the Unit Type
    3. Click Show Available Units
    4. Check the box next to the units you wish to add to the hold to add them to the group hold


Your group hold is now visible on the grid, and ready to be shared with the organizing guest! 


Notifying the Organizer of the Group Hold

When you create a group hold, you have the option to send an email template specifically for the group hold notification within the Group Hold settings. 

  1.  Confirm the email template has the information you wish to send:
    1. Click Settings on the left menu
    2. Click Email Templates
    3. Click on the Group Hold Notification email to edit the text

Sending the Group Hold Notification Email:

  1. Click Reservations on the left menu
  2. Click Group Holds
  3. Choose the group hold you need to view
  4. Click Options in the top right corner
  5. Click Send Group Hold Notification to Guest

Here is a sample of what the email can look like:


Making a Reservation Using a Group Code

Using the Group Code On the Reservation Portal

When a guest is ready to make a reservation, they can do so from the reservation portal just like they are to make any other reservation.

They will enter their group code into the Group Code box in order to see the units set aside for their group.

CS-Firefly-KB-Group-Hold-Reservation-portal-1Enter the group code to view available units for the group

Using the Group Code on an Internal Reservation

Staff members can also use the group code when creating a reservation from inside of Firefly.

  1. Click Reservations on the left menu
  2. Click New Reservation
  3. Enter the information for the reservation as needed
  4. Enter the Group Code
  5. Proceed to create the new reservation