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Using the Reservation Grid

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Using the Reservation Grid

The reservation grid offers a simple way to quickly get a glance at your reservations. Quickly see what units will be filled on a specific date, what units are filled with long term reservations, which reservations have overdue charges, and even what guests do not have a payment record on file.

Reservation Grid

Unit Reservation Types Accepted
To the left of the unit name, a small icon indicates which types of reservations are accepted at that unit. 'A' indicates all types accepted, 'O' indicates only ongoing (long term) reservations are accepted, and 'S' indicates only standard (short term) reservations are accepted.

Reservation Type
The type of reservation can quickly be determined by the color of the reservation. Reservations with a green border on top are ongoing reservations, while a blue border indicates a standard reservation.

Overdue Charges
If the guest's name is red, this indicates a charge has not been paid and is now overdue. If their name is black, they do not have any unpaid charges, or they may have an unpaid charge that is not yet overdue. This is especially handy because you can take one look at the grid to see what reservations need attention to make sure all payments are collected.

Payment Method on File
If the reservation has a red square with a white dollar sign ($), this indicates that reservation does not have a payment method on file. This may not be a problem, but if you require guests to have a payment method on file, you can easily see what reservations need attention.

Display View
By selected the month view, which is the default view, the next 30 days plus a few days prior will be shown. The year view will show you an entire year, so you can quickly get a glance at future reservations. Click the 'View More' buttons on either the left or right side of the grid to view more days in that direction.

Reservation Details
Hover over a reservation to get more information on that reservation. Guest name, number of nights in their stay, if they have a payment method on file, if they have overdue payments, arrival and departure dates, and reservation total can all be seen from this pop-up box. Click on the reservation to go the the reservation detail page where you can manage the reservation and see all reservation info, charges, payments, etc.