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There are many ways Firefly Reservations can reduce manual repetitive tasks through automation. Firefly offers an unmatched combination of features and ease of use!

Online Reservations

Increase your reservations by accepting reservations 24/7/365. Potential guests can view live availability any time of day or night. Already have a website? That's no problem, all you need to do is include a button or a link to direct them to the secure Firefly reservation portal.  The online reservation portal is branded for your property with your contact information visible at all times if the guest has any questions.

Reservation Portal

Interactive Map

With our easy interactive map editor, upload a map image and mark where each unit is on the map. Your map image can be a custom made map, or even just an overhead satellite image.

When users are searching for available units from the reservation portal, they can view all available units just by looking at the map. The easier it is for your guest to book, the more likely they will!

Interactive Map Features

Automated Guest Emails

Communication is key - whether it's an expiring credit card, upcoming reservation, successful payment, or even a reservation departure email, you don't have to worry about any of them because they will automatically be sent to keep the guest in the loop. No more chasing down payments, no more uninformed guests!

Some of the available emails: Reservation arrival, reservation departure, upcoming payment, successful payment, overdue payment, unsuccessful payment, and expiring credit card. 

Automated guest emails

Automatic Recurring Payments

Who wants to keep track of when to charge your monthly guests or other recurring charges such as a storage unit fee? With Firefly Reservations, you can set up as many recurring charges as you want, with the option to automatically process payments and send upcoming payment emails. Goodbye manual labor!

Automatic recurring payments


Increase your campgrounds revenue with add-ons, whether it is a golf cart rental, a firewood bundle sale, or another fee such as an extra vehicle fee. Guests can select an add-on item on the reservation portal when they are making their reservation, or you can add it manually from the back end.

Reservation Add-ons


Use the Point-of-Sale (POS) register to quickly process transactions at your campground store. No need for a separate system, it is all built into Firefly!

POS system

Send Mass Email To Guests

Sometimes you need to send a message to all your guests. Whether you are experiencing a water outage or just want to notify guests of an upcoming event, at some point you will want to be able to send a mass email. With Firefly, you can easily select all current, future, or past guests and send them a quick email.

Send mass email to campground guests

Record Utilities FAST

Do you dread the time of month you need to record utilities? Dread no more, with just a few clicks, you can record utilities with automatically calculated totals for every space by just entering the current reading, schedule a payment for each new charge, and schedule an upcoming charge notification. Does this currently take you all morning? It shouldn't.

Record Utilities

Multiple Payment Methods

If you want to store your guests preferred payment method on file for automatic payment processing, they have a choice: Credit card or bank transfer. You can add their payment method from the reservation page, or the guest can do this themselves from the guests portal. More options for your guests means a happier guest.

Payment Methods

Custom Email Templates

There is no reason for you to be stuck with canned email templates. You have full control over the contents of the automated email templates that get sent to your guests. Do you want to include a link for your guest to submit feedback on their stay on the Reservation Follow Up email? No problem!

Custom Email Templates

Dynamic Rates

Rates are like potato salad - everybody likes it a little different. That is why you can add as many rate rules as you would like with Firefly. Daily rates, weekly rates, monthly rates, standard rates, weekend rates, holiday rates.. You can even have rates automatically change depending on how full your campground is. Rates can be customized for each unit.

Unit rates

Reservation Grid

Now with Drag & Drop functionality! Your one-stop shop to see at a quick glance what is going on. Quickly scan over all your units to see which units are filled and who is filling them. Click the reservation to go to the reservation detail to make adjustments, view charges and payment history, and so on. Does your guest want to move sites? Quickly and easily move guests from site to site by dragging and dropping the reservation. 

Campground Reservation Grid

Reservation & Email History

View everything that has happened to this reservation as well as every email sent to the guest. If that wasn't cool enough already, the email history list shows you if the email was delivered, opened, or clicked. Click the email to preview the exact email sent.

Reservation History

Guest Portal

Why should your guests have to contact you when their credit card on file is expiring? In case you are waiting for an answer, they shouldn't. Guests can log into their portal 24/7 to update their payment method, make payments, view payment history, review their reservation details, and request changes to their reservation. That is what you call a win-win.

Firefly Guest Portal

Self Serve Kiosk

What happens when a guest arrives when the office is closed? Stand there at the door wondering what to do next? Drive off looking for the next RV Park? With the self serve kiosk, guests can make a reservation, pay for a past stay if they didn't have a chance to make a reservation, view the guest portal to manage their reservation, or just check in to let you know they made it. 24/7/365 the kiosk works for you.

Self Serve Kiosk


Upcoming and overdue charges, upcoming arrivals and departures, and current occupancy are all quick to find on the dashboard. It will take you only a short time to see what's happening at your property.


Lock Fees

Increase your revenue with lock fees. When a guest makes a reservation, you can choose to allow them to pay extra to guarantee that space. If they do not pay the lock fee, they risk getting moved to a similar unit.

Reservation Portal - Lock Unit

Dynamic Deposits

Create multiple deposit rules for each unit. You can customize deposits depending on the reservation type, number of days in the stay, how far out the reservation was made, etc. Deposits can be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the reservation. You can even have the remainder of the payment scheduled for the arrival date if you want. Have it how you want it!

Unit deposit rules

Custom Reservation Fees

Want to charge your own 3% processing fee on new reservations? Maybe you just want to change a flat $5 convenience fee on reservations made online? Create your own custom reservation fee as a way to cover payment processing fees, pay for Firefly, or even just increase your revenue!

Reservation fee rules

Tax Rules

Taxes are complicated. Firefly allows you to create custom tax rules for each unit, so for example you can charge a hotel tax on reservations less than 30 days, local tax on all reservations, and sales tax on reservations 30 days long and longer for you cabins while the RV sites are not taxed. It's all up to you!

Tax rules

Easy Group Management

Set aside a group of units that can be reserved by individuals on the reservation portal that have the special group code. No more trying to perform a balancing act with groups, it is all done for you!

Group hold on reservation portal

Availability Calendars

If your property stays booked solid, it may take quite a few searches for guests to be able to find an available date range. The availability calendar solves this problem and makes things much easier for your guest by allowing them to view a calendar to see the number of available units for each day. This means more bookings for you since they are able to more easily find an opening! Guests can also view an availability calendar for a specific unit if it is booked for the date range they requested.

Property availability calendar

Reservation Waitlist

Got too many customers and too few spots open? The reservation waitlist allows you to keep track of all the guests waiting to get in! Plus, they can even join the waitlist themselves.

Join waitlist button


Reports give you insight on your property that you may not realize without them. The available reports such as Revenue per unit and average revenue per unit can help you realize which units are under performing and which are over performing so you can adjust their rates accordingly.


Pass Processing Fees to Guests

Tired of credit card processing fees eating into your bottom line? Yea we get it. Just create processing fee rules to pass those fees on to the guest!

Processing fee rules

Multiple Properties

Do you have more than one campground? No problem! You can easily switch between properties but manage them separately.

Multiple properties supported

Ongoing Reservations

Does your property have permanent or semi permanent guests that pay monthly? Firefly natively supports reservations with no end date so your guests can stay until they decide to leave. With automated payment processing, managing your long term guests couldn't get easier! Guests can even make ongoing reservations from the reservation portal.

Ongoing reservation search

Supported Countries

With support for the United States, Canada, and Australia, you can enjoy Firefly no matter where you are!


SMS Messaging

Not only can you stay in contact by email, but you can also send SMS messages directly through Firefly as well! Automate SMS messages to keep guests updated, or send them a manual message. You can even send a text to your entire property!

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Are we missing something?

If you love what you see but feel we are missing a feature you need, please let us know! We are always improving our product based on feedback from our customers and potential customers. Please click the button below to let us know how we can make Firefly better.

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