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per reservation

Pass the fee on to the guest and you pay nothing!

All reservations

$3.50/reservation for each new reservation. 

You can pay the fee yourself or automatically pass the fee on to the guest using custom reservation fee rules. You can even charge the guest more per reservation and pocket the difference!

Long term reservations

$3.50/month for each current long term reservation. This only applies to reservations 1 month long or longer.

No monthly fee for reservations less than 1 month long. Only reservations spanning a majority of the billing period are counted.

Plan Add-ons

Add-ons are optional features in which you can subscribe to add additional abilities to your account. 

Add-ons are available for both monthly plans and the reservation fee plan.

SMS Messaging $15/mo + $0.02/ea

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed?

When your trial ends, you will need to enter your payment info and select a plan. You will then be billed at the end of your billing period for the reservation fees.

For long term reservations, you will only be billed for each reservation 1 month or longer in length that spans a majority of the billing period. 

You can set up Reservation Fee Rules to pass the fees on to the guest. You can even charge a higher fee and pocket the difference! 

How are reservation fees paid?

If connected to Stripe, you will not pay the reservation fee for reservations made from the reservation portal, as the fee will be part of the payment and will come directly to us. 

With all other processors and for all reservations made not from the reservation portal, you will be billed at the end of the billing period for each reservation. 

You can set up a reservation fee rule to pass this fee on to the guest so they pay you the fee. You will then be billed for each reservation at the end of the billing period. 

Are there any fees to process credit cards?

Yes, all credit card companies charge a small transaction fee. Your transaction fee will depend on which payment processor you integrate with. 

BASYS -BASYS is our preferred payment processor due to their outstanding rates, payouts as fast as the next business day, and live customer support with a dedicated account rep. Do you already have a processor? Send them your statements and they will analyze what you are paying now, and compare it side-by-side with what you would be paying with BASYS! 

Stripe - Stripe is recommended for any campground located outside of the USA. Stripe's rates are slightly higher so if you are located in the US, we recommend BASYS. 

Are there any contracts?

Definitely not! If you are not happy with Firefly, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. We are very confident in our product and see no need to lock customers in!