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Charge POS Transaction to a Reservation

If a guest wants to buy something from your camp store but does not have money on them to pay, you can charge the transaction to their reservation.

Charging to a Reservation

Once you have created a new point-of-sale transaction and added the items, click the Charge to Reservation button to charge the transaction to their reservation. You can add partial payments first if you desire to.

Charge a point-of-sale transaction to a guests reservation
Charge the transaction to a reservation

You will then see an options dialog where you can choose which reservation to charge the transaction to. You can also select a due date for the payment.

Options dialog to charge pos transaction to reservation
Options dialog to charge POS transaction to a reservation

Once the reservation is selected and the due date is set, click Select to finish. You will now see the details of the charged reservation. You can click the unit name in the details to go to that reservation.

Information for the charged reservation
Charged reservation details

Managing the charged transactions

Once on the reservation detail page for the charged reservation, you will see a list of all point-of-sale transactions that have been charged to that reservation.

Charge POS Transaction to a Reservation 1
Point-of-Sale transactions charged to a reservation

To process a payment for a transaction using the payment method on file for the reservation, open the options menu (circle with 3 dots) and click Pay using payment method on file. If there is no payment method on file, you can click Add Payment and you will be navigated to the transaction where you can add a payment.

Pay for charged transaction using payment method on file
Pay POS transaction using payment method on file

If there are multiple unpaid transactions, click the Options button on the top right of the Charged POS Transactions section, and click Pay all using method on file.

POS transactions that have been charged to a reservation can be included on an invoice and can also be paid through the guest portal.

Any transactions that are overdue will be indicated and the guest will automatically receive an overdue notice.

Overdue pos transaction
Overdue POS transaction

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