Rate Qualifiers

Rate qualifiers allow you to give special rates to certain guests. This can be useful for scenarios where you want to give different rate for residents, senior citizens, club memberships, or even conference rates. Follow the steps below to set up rate qualifiers for your property.

Creating a rate qualifier

To create a rate qualifier, click Rate Qualifiers found under the Settings section of the main menu. On the rate qualifiers page, click New Rate Qualifier to create a new rate qualifier.

Click New Rate Qualifier to create a new rate qualifier

You can then enter the details for the rate qualifier. The Name field will be the name as you see it internally, while the Guest Description field will be how the guest will view this qualifier on the reservation portal as shown later in this article. If you want the qualifier to show on the guest portal so the guest can indicate they qualify for the special rate, check the Show on reservation portal checkbox. Click Save to finish.

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-Add-rate-qualifierEnter the rate qualifier details and click Save

Assigning a rate qualifier to rates

Next, you will want to indicate which rates to apply the rate qualifier to. Go to one of your units, click the rates tab to view rates, and click New Special Rate. Rate qualifiers can only be used with special rates. Add the rate name, amount, dates etc, then click Show advanced rate options and select the rate qualifier form the dropdown. This will indicate that this rate will only be applied if the selected rate qualifier is available for a guest.

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-Special-Rate-Edit-1Add a rate qualifier to a special rate under advanced options

You're rates can then look something like this, so in this case a special rate for senior citizens:

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-RatesA special rate with a rate qualifier

Using the Rate Qualifier for a Reservation

Now you are ready to create a reservation. To create a reservation internally, go to Reservations New Reservation. If you want special rates to apply to this reservation, choose a rate qualifier from the dropdown. In this example, if this new reservation if for a senior citizen, we would choose the Senior Citizen rate qualifier, and click Search. As you can see in the search results, the special $30/day rate was applied to this reservation.

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-New-Reservation-InternalCreate a new reservation using a rate qualifier to get special rates

Likewise, when a guest is searching for available units on the reservation portal, they will see an option to select if they qualify for special rates:

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-Reservation-Portal-Search-1024x433Guest can indicate if they qualify for special rates on the reservation portal

You can customize the label for the rate qualifier dropdown in your property settings on the Display Preferences tab:

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-Reservation-portal-custom-labelCustomize the label for the rate qualifier dropdown


You can also add a rate qualifier to a reservation after the reservation has been made. This will update the charges to reflect the correct charges associated with the qualifier. Note, if the guest has already paid you may need to process appropriate refunds or additional payments. To do this go into the reservation page, navigate to the Units tab, and select the options dropdown next to the unit you want to apply the qualifier to. This will show a dropdown and select Add Rate Qualifier. From here a popup will show where you can apply the correct qualifier. 

Screenshot 2023-05-05 134645Apply Rate Qualifier to an existing reservation

You can even add a rate qualifier to a group hold! If you want the guests reserving through a group hold to get a special rate, just select the rate qualifier when setting up a group hold.

CS-Firefly-KB-Rate-Qualifiers-Group-HoldSet a rate qualifier on a group hold to give special rates to that group


Editing a Rate Qualifier

If you need to make changes to a rate qualifier there are two changes that might be needed. (1) Changing the Rate Qualifier or (2) Changing the Special Rate. 

To change the Rate Qualifier: 

1. Click on the Settings Menu

2. Click on Rate Qualifiers

3. Click on the Rate Qualifier you wish to change

4. Change the settings you wish to adjust 

Note: This is only going to change the name, description, and if it shows in the reservation portal. This change does not impact rate amounts.


To Change the Rate attached to a Rate Qualifier: Special rates are connected to the Rate qualifier. So if you want to change the actual monetary details of the rate qualifier you will do this at the Unit level for the specific special rate. You can find more information on special rates here.