Refund a Payment

Sometimes you have to send money back unfortunately, and Firefly makes it easy. For payments processed through an integrated payment processor, you can easily refund a full or partial amount directly in Firefly.

Refunding the payment

First, go to the reservation and click on the Charges tab. Then, next to the payment you want to refund, click Options , then click Refund.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Detail-Refund-a-paymentSelect Refund from the payment options menu

You will then see the refund options dialog.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 161007
Refund payment options

Under Refund Option, select if you want to refund the entire payment with or without the processing fee or just a portion of the payment. If you select a partial amount, enter the amount into the Refund Amount box. This amount cannot be greater than the original payment amount.

Next, select the refund method. You can choose to refund to a method other than the method used to pay, but the method used to pay will be selected by default. For Credit/Debit cards and bank transfers, you can select if you want to process the refund using the card/bank account used to pay or if you want to process the refund offline. Select the offline method if you are processing the refund through another system and you just want to record the payment refund. Select the card/bank account used to pay option to process the refund through your integrated payment processor.

Finally, select if you want to send a payment receipt. Click Save and the refund will be processed.