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Base Rate
Guests Pay
Guests pay a $2 non refundable fee when they make a new reservation from your branded reservation portal.
You Pay
You pay $2 per ongoing reservation per month. This applies to long term (monthly) reservations only, not standard short term reservations.
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Or, if you don't want your guests to pay, we have traditional plans too

20 Fireflies

1-20 Units
50% off 1st 3 months



$29/mo thereafter

40 Fireflies

21-40 Units
50% off 1st 3 months



$49/mo thereafter

70 Fireflies

41-70 Units
50% off 1st 3 months



$99/mo thereafter

100 Fireflies

71-100 Units
50% off 1st 3 months



$149/mo thereafter

Unlimited Fireflies

101+ Units
50% off 1st 3 months



$199/mo thereafter

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Frequently asked questions

How will I be billed?

When your trial ends, you will need to enter your payment info and select a plan. You will then be billed monthly if you are on a traditional monthly plan. If you are using the FREE plan, you will not be billed.

Are there any per reservation fees?

If you are on the FREE plan, we charge the guest a $2 non refundable fee when they make  a reservation on the reservation portal website. You will not pay this fee, as the fee will be part of the payment when they make the reservation. If you are on a traditional plan, there are no per reservation fees, string the monthly rate that depends on the number of units.

Are their any fees to process credit cards?

To process transactions through Firefly, you will need to create an account with Stripe. Stripe does charge a typical % of the transaction (as all credit card companies do.). Visit Stripe for more pricing info. Credit cards transactions are 2.9% + 30ยข per transaction, while bank transfers are free. Stripe was chosen as our partner because of how ridiculously easy and fast it is to sign up with them, and because of their affordable rates. 

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Absolutely! If you do not enjoy using our product, we will refund you money up to 60 days after signup.