Cancel a Reservation

Sometimes, reservations will need to be canceled. Canceling a reservation in Firefly is easy and involves 2 steps:

  1. Refund payments if needed
  2. Cancel the reservation

So first, go to the reservation by finding the reservation on the reservation grid or from the Search Reservations page. Then, click on the Charges tab and review any payments made. To refund a payment, click the options button next to the payment and click Refund.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Detail-Refund-a-payment-1Click Options > Refund to refund all or part of a payment

Next, indicate if you want to refund the entire amount or just a partial amount of the payment. If you select a partial amount, enter the amount you want to refund. Select the refund method and another other options you desire, and click Save.

CS-Firefly-KB-Reservation-Detail-Refund-payment-dialog-1Refund payment options

If the payment was made with credit card and you elected to refund to the credit card used to pay, the refund will be processed through Stripe.

After any desired payments have been refunded, you can now cancel the reservation by clicking Options > Refund Reservation on the top right of the reservation.

Click Options > Cancel Reservation

If payments have been applied toward the reservation, you may see a confirmation dialog to remind you to refund any payments first since.

Refund payment reminder

You will then see another confirmation dialog to make sure you really want to cancel the reservation.

Confirmation Dialog

Once canceled, you will then see the reservation status has been updated to canceled.

Canceled reservation status

If you need to restore a canceled reservation, just click the Options menu again, and select Restore Reservation.

Restore a canceled reservation

Cancel reservation from the guest portal

When a guest logs in to the guest portal to manage their reservation, they will have the option to request their reservation be canceled.

CS-Firefly-KB-Guest-Portal-Cancel-Reservation-RequestGuest can request to cancel their reservation from the guest portal

This does NOT cancel their reservation however, this just sends an email to your property to let you know a guest has requested to cancel the reservation. If you do decide to cancel the reservation, you will have to cancel the reservation using the steps outlined above.