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Demo park logo
Moonlight RV Park is our demo RV park

Demo the Reservation Portal

Feel free to walk in the shoes of your guests see how easy it could be for them to make a reservation at your campground!

Moonlight RV Park is our demo RV park, so don't worry, you're not actually making a real reservation. You can "pay" for the reservation using the following test credit card. Real credit card numbers will be declined.

Card #: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiration: Any future date
Zip Code: Any 5 digits
Security Code: Any 3 digits

If you enter your actual email, you will receive a reservation confirmation email, so you can get the full reservation experience. You do not have to enter your real email, but if you do want to receive the reservation success email, know that your email data is secure and will not be shared! You will also receive a Welcome email the day of your fake reservation, as well as a departure email a day or so after the reservation ends.

Make a reservation at our demo RV park