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Newest Features

Firefly Reservations has unveiled a range of exciting new features in its campground management software, revolutionizing how campground owners and operators manage their facilities. These new feature releases empower campground owners to streamline processes, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive business growth. Check back often to see the newest feature release!

Airbnb Integration

Firefly Reservations Campground Software has taken a significant step forward by seamlessly integrating with Airbnb, ensuring a hassle-free experience for campground owners and guests. This integration not only expands the reach of campgrounds to a broader audience but also prevents the nightmare of double bookings. By synchronizing reservations between Firefly and Airbnb, campground operators can confidently manage their bookings with real-time updates, eliminating the risk of accidentally overbooking a campsite. This innovative integration enhances the overall efficiency of campground management while delivering a seamless and reliable booking process for campers looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

CS - Firefly-logo-plus-airbnb2

Drag & Drop Reservation Grid

The drag & drop feature is an innovative tool that simplifies reservation grid management. Campsite bookings and availability adjustments have never been easier, allowing staff to efficiently relocate campers to other sites, accommodate last-minute changes, and provide a superior guest experience. With Firefly's drag-and-drop reservation grid, navigating the reservations became even easier.


Favorites List on Point-of-sale

You can add your most used POS items to your favorites list so you can quickly add them to the POS Register. You also have the option to set up POS categories and vendors. Grouping items within categories will give you a better ability to find items in the register and pull more detailed reporting.

Release: June 13, 2023

POS Favorites

Cash Accounting

Make accounting easier by setting up your chart of accounts. Assign your charges, payment methods, taxes, POS, and utilities to the general ledger codes you use in QuickBooks or your accounting package. Then you can post your payment and revenue numbers into the linked financial accounts, get journal entry-based reports, and create a transfer file to import your data into QuickBooks easily!

Release: June 6, 2023

Cash-based accounting

Book Reservations Internally from the Map

Create reservations that might come in over the phone or from the front desk. Booking from the map will give additional convenience for busy clerks booking reservations so they can have a more visual sense of where a customer is looking to stay.

Release: May 30, 2023
Interactive Map Features
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