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7 Ideas to Get Your Campers into the Holiday Spirit

December 03, 2023

With winter camping becoming increasingly popular in recent years, more campers are choosing to book a spot for Christmas. Whether your campground is a sunny snowbird haven or a wintry wonderland, here are some ideas to boost the holiday spirit for your campers who celebrate Christmas.  

1. Campground Decorating 

A few simple decorations can go a long way in bringing holiday cheer to your campground. After you put up a few decorations around the campground, your guests will likely want in on the fun. Encourage your guests to deck out their RVs in their holiday best—you could even host an RV decorating contest and select a winner to win a goody basket or discount on their stay.  

2. Cookie Decorating 

It wouldn’t be a holiday without sweet treats. Consider throwing a Christmas cookie decorating party for your guests. Create a guest signup sheet so you know how many supplies you’ll need, and provide cookies, frosting, and utensils. This is an excellent activity for families with younger children, and you could also sell decorating kits as add-ons to offset the cost of the supplies.  

3. Christmas Movie Night 

Depending on the weather, consider an indoor or outdoor setup for a Christmas-themed movie night. Provide snacks and hot cocoa while your guests enjoy the holiday classics. Be sure you are following the rules about showing movies to audiences.

4. Toy Drive or Fundraiser 

Get your guests into the spirit of holiday giving by hosting a toy drive or fundraiser. Work with local charities to set up donation guidelines, then get the word out to your guests with a mass email. Once you’ve gathered all the donations from your campers, take a picture of the final collection and send it to your campers so they can see their impact! 

5. Christmas Eve Potluck 

A Christmas Eve potluck is a great way to bring guests together who may be celebrating away from family and friends. Decide what food items the campground will provide, then send out a signup sheet to campers who want to bring dishes or dessert.  

6. Snowman Building Contest 

If you’re in an area where there’s going to be snow on the ground, a snowman decorating contest is a fun event for all ages. Set aside a date and time for participants to work on their creations, then select a volunteer judging panel to declare the winner and runner-ups! For an added holiday touch, provide cocoa or cider while the campers decorate their snowmen.  

7. Plug-In to Local Events 

If you aren’t hosting holiday events at your campground, you can still attract holiday campers by advertising nearby events that they can attend. Post local light displays, Christmas markets, or festivals on your website or around the campground so your guests know their options. Some folks are looking for a campground to serve as a comfortable home base near fun holiday attractions—and your campground could be just that! 

Whether you’re planning holiday events or prepping for the next season, Firefly Reservations is here to help you run your campground smoothly. Check out all of our features at fireflyresevations.com.